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Payment Methods

Via Credit Card

The customer can pay the sale price and the other agreed charges and charges with credit charge (Visa, Mastercard etc) both in our physical store and through our online store.

Interest-free Installments from 150 to 300 euros: 3

Interest-free Installments from 300 euros and up: 6


With Cash / Cash on Delivery

This can be done upon receipt from our store or by cash on delivery after sending the product.

COD with shipping via courier company is charged with 1.80 euros for all of Greece.


By deposit in a bank account

Our corporate bank accounts are:

Eurobank: GR8502602590000150200819194 (00260259150200819194)
Alpha Bank: GR8501401780178002002008860 (178002002008860)
National Bank: GR5101100790000007900278800 (07900278800)
Peiraios: GR7101715900006590141944201 (6590141944201)

Beneficiary of accounts: E. SKEVAKIS AND CO OE


* For shipments outside Greece as well as through an agency / transport company outside the General Post Office, orders must be prepaid by bank deposit or card.